Salt of the Earth

I’m very excited to have my debut solo album Salt of the Earth out on RMI Records. These are all original songs other than “To Make You Feel My Love,” which the great Bob Dylan wrote. This record was very fun and rewarding to make, and I hope you enjoy listening to it!

If you’d like to buy the album, click here.

JG Salt of the Earth-Busking_v4.jpg

It’s Butter

I’ve really enjoyed playing with this indie/neo-soul band since I moved to Los Angeles. Their songs are great, and with the trio format everything is so raw and exposed. We’ve recorded these three singles, “Expectations,” “Crushed Velvet,” and “Vegan Chai,” since I joined, and there’s more to come, so stay tuned!

Britta Raci — guitar, vocals

Johnnie Gilmore — bass

Diego Patiño — drums

Tobias Frohnhöfer: Informal

Informal is jazz drum virtuoso Tobias Frohnhöfer's debut album as a bandleader. He was an exchange student at Wesleyan from the MuHo Mannheim conservatory in Germany my freshman year, and I had a blast playing with him — it was an honor to play on this record with three powerhouse players.

Tobias Frohnhöfer — drums, composer

Noah Baerman — electric piano, synth, organ

Sean Sonderegger — tenor saxophone

Johnnie Gilmore — bass

Rui Barbosa     

Rui Barbosa was my jam-band/fusion trio project in college. We recorded an EP of original songs — An EP Named Steve — and two singles, "Constantine" (original) and a goofy prog-jazz arrangement of the theme from “Ghostbusters.” This band was a wild time!

Adam Rochelle — keyboards, guitar, vocals, composer

Johnnie Gilmore — bass

Jonah Wolfson — drums

Time of Day: End of Season

I played a few gigs with this folky beach-rock band in my senior year of college. The studio sessions for this album were really chill and fun — almost everything recorded live in one big room. Sun out, windows down, volume up! 

Dave TenEyck — guitar, ukulele, composer

Dave Kopperman — guitar, vocals, keyboards, producer

Noah Baerman — organ, slide guitar, harmonica

Kevin Frear, Georgie TenEyck — vocals

Kate TenEyck — trumpet

Eric Berens — bass (tracks 1 & 3)

Johnnie Gilmore — bass (all other tracks)

Edz O'Leary — drums, percussion

Theme from “Play to Find Out”

I had a lot of fun composing and recording the music for a fantasy-game podcast called “Play to Find Out.” You can hear the sci-fi/80's-style theme song I came up with on my Soundcloud page, and check out the podcast itself at