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When he first picked up the electric bass, Johnnie Gilmore knew he had found his calling. Music had always been a passion for him, starting with after-school piano lessons in second grade, but at that point — a few months shy of his fifteenth birthday — it became his life’s work. Since then, Johnnie has honed his craft as a bassist for a wide variety of bands covering everything from soft folk and jazz to musical theater and progressive jam-band. During his college years at Wesleyan University, he developed a unique voice as a solo artist and songwriter in his own right, building his repertoire — and a budding audience — over thousands of hours as a street performer in his hometown of Boston. After graduating from Wesleyan, where he won the Gwen Livingston Pekora prize for excellence in music composition as a senior, Johnnie moved to Los Angeles, releasing his debut solo album, Salt of the Earth, in November 2018. (Read the press release from RMI Records.

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Despite having the technique to match any fleet-fingered instrumentalist — and an arrangement style deeply influenced by the likes of Victor Wooten and Tommy Emmanuel — Johnnie is first and foremost a storyteller, with a unique songwriting style that recalls the melodic sensibility of Paul McCartney and Billy Joel, the smooth folk feel of James Taylor, and the hard-edged harmonic vocabulary of Stevie Wonder. Whether on a soft ballad or a fiery groove or anywhere in between, Johnnie always puts a good song first. 

“The idea of solo bass often evokes either meandering or ultra-technical showboating, and Gilmore’s style proudly defies both of these stereotypes…he uses the bass as a tool for lyrically articulating beautiful original tunes.”

—RMI press release for Salt of the Earth



  • House of Blues (Anaheim, CA)

  • The Starry Plough (Berkeley, CA)

  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Boston, MA)

  • Top of the Hub (Boston, MA)

  • Wally's Jazz Café (Boston, MA)

  • Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO)

  • Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA)

  • Ryles Jazz Club (Cambridge, MA)

  • The Plough and Stars (Cambridge, MA)

  • Toad (Cambridge, MA)

  • V & A Waterfront Amphitheatre (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • The Mahogany Room (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Kaleidoscope Café (Cape Town, South Africa)

  • GMan Tavern (Chicago, IL)

  • Amazing Things Arts Center (Framingham, MA)

  • Saint Rocke (Hermosa Beach, CA)

  • Freespace Happening (Hong Kong)

  • Peel Fresco (Hong Kong)

  • Adults Only (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Bootleg Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

  • The Hi Hat (Los Angeles, CA)

  • House of Machines (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Lock and Key (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Lucky Strike Live (Los Angeles, CA)

  • The Mint (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Sassafras Saloon (Los Angeles, CA)

  • The Satellite (Los Angeles, CA)

  • The Study (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Universal CityWalk (Universal City, CA)

  • Rotary Rock'n Ribfest (Merrimack, NH)

  • Beckham Hall (Middletown, CT)

  • The Buttonwood Tree (Middletown, CT)

  • The Center for the Arts Natick (Natick, MA)

  • Club Groove (New York, NY)

  • Studio at Webster Hall (New York, NY)

  • Revolution Café (San Francisco, CA)

  • The Burren Backroom (Somerville, MA)

  • Corazón Performing Arts Center (Topanga, CA)

  • Topanga Days Festival (Topanga, CA)